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Jade Giacoppo


Eric Sanford, Peabody Veteran Memorial High School Senior and Keys to Success Winner, taking delivery of his Key Off Grand Prize on Friday, June 19, 2015.

Eric won the Peabody High School Key Off held on Friday, May 1st.

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We got the chance to speak directly with Mrs. Gaffney and Mrs. Caruso from PVMHS who nominated Eric for a Key Card and his impact on PVMS:

Each and every student that attends PVMHS has an original skill set that not only separates them from each other but provides them with an identity.  Organizational skills, leadership, empathy and patience are some of the characteristics that these nominees demonstrate during their academic careers.  Eric Sanford possess several of these characteristics, but the one that separates him from other students is his ability to sustain a level of understanding to a very challenging groups of students.  As his community service requirement, Eric worked with students in the life skills class during physical education.  The connections he made with these students is genuine and honest.  He helped foster appropriate social skills and helped build the students confidence they needed to achieve success.  Eric went above and beyond and his relationships with these students will forever be embedded in their thoughts and hearts.  

How awesome is it to have a teacher and fellow students feel that way about a student?! Another student that deserves to be celebrated and have his accomplishments acknowledged and praised.
Eric graduated Peabody Veterans Memorial High School and plans to attend Worcester State. Good Luck Eric!